Robert Andrews

“With the media industry in strategic turmoil, Andrews’ insights are seen by many key players as essential reading” - The Independent

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Editorial Services

An experienced journalist and digital practitioner, Robert provides reporting and analysis to help audience communities stay abreast of developments and understand key industry trends in technology, media and marketing.


Robert provides fast-moving news and opinion to publishers. As European launch editor and long-time senior editor for the respected digital media bible paidContent, Robert informed and analysed the sector using intra-day news and analysis, daily newsletters and special editorial features.

Passionate about understanding and explaining change executed by innovative companies, Robert has written for top-tier outlets like The Guardian and Wired News, and provided intelligence to  communities on matters affecting their industries.


Drawing on 15 years’ sector experience and from voluminous sources and perspectives, Robert is known for extrapolating micro-news stories to paint deep yet concise assessments of important sector trends.

Too often today, the views of analysts and online commentators are coloured by their own opinions and hubristic agendas. Readers deserve better. Robert paints unvarnished pictures that analyse challenges and opportunities.


Fifteen years in journalism and online communications means a skill for telling a story, often with new digital tools. Today, any company can be a media company – and content can be a better business driver than traditional advertising or marketing.

Robert’s knack is taking information for sharpening and distilling in to messaging that cuts through in today’s increasingly cacophonous and fast-moving information environment.